Bhutan is deeply rooted in pursuing its development goal of Gross National Happiness (GNH). Happiness being one of the fundamental goals in life of every Bhutanese, much emphasis is placed on a wholesome development paradigm where all the sectors of the country are aligned towards achieving this common goal. The tourism sector, in particular, have a bigger role to play in driving the economy towards achieving this noble objective by creating a medium to share and spread the happiness energy to our visitors from around the globe.

“Absolute Happiness Origin Bhutan Travel”, the official tour agent is launched with the core intent to let the visitors experience the land of happiness in the most phenomenal way and return home with lessons of our rich tradition and values rooted in the mental wellbeing of people. Our objectives are aligned with the country’s development goals and we strive to contribute towards achieving this noble objective of GNH by providing a unique happiness experience to our guests through travel packages designed to help them explore the wonders of this country and connect to its core. The tour packages shall be customized to suit the specific needs of our guests as they embark on a life-altering trip that combines adventure with knowledge.

We feel honored to be the travel agent to show the world, the country and people of the origin of GNH at a practical level. We are one of the professional Bhutanese tour operators awarded the license by tourism moderator organization of Bhutan called ‘Tourism Council of Bhutan’ (TCB) and ‘Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators’ (ABTO) with the core intent to let the visitors experience a slice vivacious taste of the land of happiness in the most phenomenal way, and return home taking the new ideas to create happiness among families, friends, relationship, work colleague, in the society and of course to the nation. More than this we will do everything possible to ensure your stay in Bhutan a truly memorable one.

Guided by this principle, we are also committed to being a socially responsible entity that has the national interest at heart by engaging in social activities and community services. We are proud to actively participate in community development programs and give back to society. This has given us a meaningful purpose to exist as a travel agency that cares beyond catering to the needs of our guests.  Thence, the company is recognized as least profit-oriented and other sole related benefits. However, we prioritize on professionalism by advancing the recognition of the company’s reputation to compete the other tour companies, especially in rendering greater services of generosity and hospitality.

We have a well-trained and professional team who are committed to serving our guests with utmost decency and hospitality while keeping their safety as a foremost priority. Our affiliation with other international Tours and Travel Agents enable us to reach out to our guests around the globe. We assure to work vigorously in positioning every travel service from getting Bhutan visa to the airline ticket and arranging logistics for your homely stay in Bhutan. We consider that it is our most and foremost priority to provide first-hand personalized services to all the visitors from the initial inquiry stage to the completion of the tour package.

Our tour packages/ itineraries include:

Adventure holiday, sightseeing of alluring landscapes and divine environment, seeing plants and wild animals that are extinct in the rest of the world, do safari, trekking on the Himalayas to some exotic cultural tours, festival tours, Spiritual Tour, Honeymoon Tour, Motor Biking & cycling, White Water Rafting, bird watching, home stays to experience the life of Bhutanese rural society, and so on. We shall tailor our tour packages to suit our guest’s specific travel requirements and budget.

We are here to take you through your happiness journey with a chance for you to understand and experience it at a new level.

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